Reduce Office Design Cost With Used Furniture

If you’re looking to reduce your company’s design costs, choosing used office furniture from Southwest Modular is a great option. We have gently used cubicles, desks, office chairs, and other items that look great and work well—all while saving you money to pour back into your business. Here’s what to consider before you make your purchases.

Pre-Owned Furniture Costs Less

New chairs and desks can get really expensive, but pre-owned options cost significantly less. This helps you buy more of what your company needs without sacrificing quality. Having a smaller budget for your office isn’t a bad thing—you can still create a great-looking space.

Select Higher-Quality Furniture Options

Incorporating used furniture into your office gives you the opportunity to choose quality. Many older options for office furniture were solid and made to last. Buying these types of furnishings means additional value.

Explore A Retro Style

You may want to choose a theme that fits your business’s name or develop a throwback look to a different time period. Older furnishings can help create a more original look than the usual, expected office furnishings. When you pick a style that reflects your brand while also getting a great deal, you’ll appreciate your company’s overall space and layout even more.

  • Retro Chairs With Flair
  • Solid, Sturdy Desks
  • Non-Traditional, Trendy Colors

Mix & Match For A Creative Aesthetic

Pre-owned cubicles and other items are often in great shape and may look nearly new. You can mix and match them to develop a unique company style that’s more interesting than uniform furniture. As long as everyone has what they need to do their jobs, mixing and matching used items with new items can help employees feel comfortable while lowering your business costs.

  • Color Coordinate Cubicles & Other Items
  • Mix In Different Desk Chairs For An Original Look
  • Let Employees Choose Desk Or Chair Styles

Save On Shipping By Shopping Locally

Buying locally provides an additional way to reduce costs—you’ll save big money on shipping. Although some furniture dealers offer free shipping, that cost is often reflected in the price. As a bonus, buying locally and avoiding a long transport journey for your goods will also lower your carbon footprint.

Choose A Reliable Seller With Good Customer Service

From professional delivery and installation to having an attentive support team to contact if something is damaged or needs to be returned, good customer service is essential in ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Get Quality Used Furniture For Your Office Today

Southwest Modular is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience selling new and used office furniture in the Las Vegas Area. We can provide support at every point of your purchase, including 3-D office space planning, professional delivery and installation, as well as office moving, cleaning, and furniture storage services.

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