Office Chair Types & What You Should Look For

Whether you are in the market for new or used office chairs to accompany desks or other furniture used in your home office or business, there are a few key things to consider. Not all office chairs are the same, so our Southwest Modular team offers tips for investing in comfortable and functional chairs. We’ll cover topics such as

  • Adjustable Chair Height,
  • Adjustable Armrests & Backrests,
  • Lumbar Support,
  • Seat Depth and Width
  • Breathable Material & Cushioning

Height-Adjustable Chairs

For optimal comfort, consider your height or your staff’s height. Ideally, a good office chair should be adjustable and allow users’ thighs to be horizontal to the floor. Knees shouldn’t bang on desks. Choosing a chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever makes raising and lowering the height a breeze.

Look for Adjustable Backrests & Armrests

Adjustable armrests take some of the strain off the neck and shoulders made sore by slouching or straining the arms.

Users can choose their own ergonomically correct positions according to the desk’s height. Backrests will ideally be separated from the main seat, allowing the position to be adjusted. Typically, these will move forward and backward, allowing those seated to change the angle at any time.

Check for Lumbar Support

Contoured backrests add comfort and support. Choose used or new office chairs that are shaped to match the spine’s natural contour. The lower back should be slightly arched all the time. Good lumbar support minimizes strain or compression on the discs of your spine.

Consider Seat Depth & Width

Office chair seats need to be wide and deep enough to allow the user to sit comfortably. Find deeper seats to suit taller people and shallower ones for those of average height. Optimally, the seated individual can rest their back against the rest while having 2 to 4 inches between the seat and the back of the knees.

Select Breathable Material & Sufficient Padding

Sitting in a chair for extended periods can make the seat and back warm for users. By choosing a breathable fabric, you can reduce sweating and boost comfort. Ample cushioning can help you avoid buying too hard or soft office chairs.

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