Office Moving

Take the stress out of your commercial office move and let Southwest Modular in Las Vegas, NV get you set up in your new location hassle-free. Whether you’re upgrading a space or relocating to a better location, you face difficulty packing, loading, and moving furniture or equipment. Our team of movers in Las Vegas is here to assist you with all your office moving needs.

Commercial Office Moving Is A Big Job

Corporate relocation can be an exciting fresh start or one big hassle. Once you have secured a new commercial office space, we can help with every stage of moving with the right tools, equipment, and manpower for getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

We can assist with:

Planning Your Office Move

For a smooth office transition, it’s good to have a smart plan. We offer office relocation planning services to work out the details of moving your business relocation using our in-house 3D CAD system so you can preview the final look of your new location and complete setup of your new commercial office.

Taking Stock Of Your Workplace

We’ll keep inventory on all furniture, equipment, and fixtures to make sure nothing is missing, and we can help you fill in all the spaces with affordable used office furniture. You won’t have to worry about complications, missing items, or things getting left behind.

Office Clean Up & Removal 

Southwest Modular will oversee the tear-down of your office, including cubicles, electrical systems, and furniture. We take great care to protect your furniture and equipment throughout the entire process. After tear-down, we thoroughly clean vacated spaces and can provide you with storage for surplus furniture, outdated or unnecessary items.

Delivery & Set-Up

Once meticulously packed up, our delivery team transports your office to your new location. With your CAD plans in our hands, we set up cubicles, electrical systems, and office equipment. Our logistical knowledge of office systems ensures that your business will be ready to go in no time.

Las Vegas Commercial Office Movers

Contact us at Southwest Modular of Las Vegas, so we can plan your office move by providing all the relocation services you need. Moving a business can be a complicated task, and downtime is money, so don’t waste another minute on planning, packing, lifting, or setting up.

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