Used Office Chairs

Southwest Modular’s selection of used office chairs can help Las Vegas businesses and organizations outfit or upgrade their seating easily and affordably. With a sprawling chair variety, we’ve helped office managers, churches, schools, businesses with waiting rooms and more find the best option and have them delivered.

For comfortable employees, visitors and guests, schedule an appointment with Southwest Modular today. We carry:

  • Reception Chairs
  • Conference Room Seats
  • Desk Chairs
  • Benches
  • Executive Chairs
  • Break Room Seats
  • Rolling Chairs
  • Stackable Chairs
  • Stools

Seating For The Whole Workspace

The seating requirements of a doctor or chiropractor’s waiting room are different from an office filled with cubicle workers. When deciding what to purchase, you’ll want to consider a few different factors such as size, durability, whether or not the user will be sitting for an extended period, and the type of work performed.

Stackable or foldable chairs work great in churches, while those used in a physician or veterinarian waiting room should be easy to sanitize. We can source and provide a wide range of used seating equipment — just let us know what you need.

How To Choose The Right Office Chair

An ergonomic, adjustable, and moveable seating arrangement for desk workers who spend 8 hours a day sitting down is key to preventing back pain and stress injuries. In fact, studies have shown happy employees to be more productive and spine health a major factor in office chair selection.

Important Questions To Ask

  • Does it have adjustable height and backrests to accommodate a variety of users?
  • Are there swivels and casters so that the seat can easily move back and forth or side to side?
  • Does it include built-in lumbar support to prevent back pain?
  • Are the controls easy to use?
  • Does it have armrests?
  • Is the seat padded and comfortable to sit on?
  • How breathable is the material, and is it easy to clean?
  • Can the size and shape of the seat fit the employee who will sit in it?
  • Does it have a higher weight limit for heavier users?

Why Buy Used Furniture?

Office furniture can be a significant expense. We work with companies that choose to sell old furniture at a considerable discount rather than throw away when their needs change. Whether you are opening a new office and are looking to save money on furnishings or a chair or two for new employees, you can save a lot of money and help the environment by buying good quality previously owned chairs.

The Best Office Chair Solution

Our Las Vegas inventory of used office furniture is refreshed quickly and often. With cost-effective computer and desk chairs, folding and stackable chairs, and all other types of seating, give us a call and share what you’re looking for. Even if a style is out of stock, Southwest Modular may be able to help.

Need Brand New Office Furniture?

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