Used Office Shelves

Southwest Modular offers a wide range of preowned shelves for businesses and offices in Las Vegas. We can help you find an economical solution for your unique needs, assist you with layout, and overall office design.

We are also happy to deliver and set up your furniture.

What Are Some Common Types of Business Bookshelves?

  • Case-Type Shelving
  • Cantilever Shelving
  • Four-post Shelving
  • High Density Office shelves

Case-Type Office Bookshelves

You won’t need any special tools to install these shelves. Double-wall construction makes them strong and durable, and a large variety of colors and styles gives you lots of choices. It will be easy for you to expand or rearrange these movable units when your needs change.

Cantilever Office Bookshelves

Often used in libraries, cantilever shelves mount directly to the wall, are sturdy, and highly customizable. You will find styles to accommodate many shapes and sizes of media. Look for dividers to keep your business materials organized and accessible.

Four-Post Office Bookshelves

Four-post shelving can handle bins as well as files in all sizes, including letter and legal sizes. These reliable office storage solutions are available on open or closed shelves. There are options for books, periodicals, medical files, and more.

High-Density Bookshelves

If your office space is limited, look for high-density bookshelves. These compact shelves are designed in all the types mentioned above. They will maximize your storage capacity while using minimal floor space.

Why Buy Preowned Office Bookshelves?

  • Economy
  • Availability
  • Professional Delivery
  • Environmentally Conscious

Buying Used Office Furniture is Economical

You have an opportunity to save money without losing any quality or functionality. Many of our products were originally floor models for manufacturers, so they are only lightly used.

Used Book Shelves Are In Stock & Available

Receive your purchase sooner when you buy used units. Why wait for a manufacturer to order brand-new items when we have them in stock and ready to deliver?

Professional Delivery & Set-Up Saves You Time and Effort

Why risk injury trying to move or build shelves for your office? We can manage the delivery and set-up of your furniture saving you the stress and risk. Additionally, if you are replacing older units, we can remove them and dispose of them too.

Buying Second-Hand Shelves Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Many slightly used items of furniture end up in landfills if no one purchases them. Why let perfectly good shelves go to a landfill when you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing preowned shelves?

Check Out All Your Options Today

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