Making An Effective Office Moving Checklist

A commercial move in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are some logistics to consider. You want to make sure your furniture gets moved safely, and all the costs of moving are covered.

Also, office moving is easier if you sell or donate old furniture and buy something for the new location, depending on how far away your office may be. Here’s how to make a great checklist.

Planning Ahead Makes Office Moving Easier

The first items on any checklist for a commercial move should be items that are based on planning. When you check the logistics ahead of time, you can be more prepared for anything that may happen.

  • Review your lease and its details.
  • Designate an employee team.
  • Make a plan to leave your old space in good shape.
  • Plan out your budget down to the minute details.
  • Find moving companies and look at the coverage they offer.

After you’ve done all this, you can work on contacting moving companies and choose one for your employees. Everyone working together makes moves easier.

A Commercial Move Means Furniture Logistics

Furniture is a big part of most office and commercial moves. It can take up much space, though, and you have to weigh the cost of moving against the price to replace it. Asking the right questions can help.

  • How new is the furniture?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • Is it stackable to reduce space?
  • What would a comparable replacement be?

The more you know about the price of your office furniture and how much the company has to pay to move it to your new location, the more easily you can decide if that’s the right choice. Remember that you might also need storage for your furniture during a move, which can increase costs.

Cost & Insurance Are Both Considerations

Not only does the cost of your commercial move matter, but you need to have the right insurance to protect your employees and the movers. Make sure you’re covering any employees who are helping with the physical move and ask the moving company about the type of coverage it has as well.

Used Furniture Can Mean Big Savings

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and need furniture after a commercial move, buying used furniture from Southwest Modular can mean big savings. You’ll get the look and comfort your employees want with quality used office furniture options while keeping your costs down.

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