7 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Furniture

The type of office furniture you buy for your business can significantly impact everything from a client’s first impression to employee satisfaction and productivity. The right office furniture can create an inviting atmosphere that not only improves morale but can also help your employees stay on task and work for extended periods. It’s crucial that you take the selection process seriously and have a plan of action to make the most of your office design.

  1. Assess Your Needs
  2. Create A Budget
  3. Determine Your Office Style
  4. Find The Right Desks
  5. Choose Supportive Chairs
  6. Expand Your Storage
  7. Reduce Distraction

1. Assess Your Employee’s Needs To Optimize Space

Consider how workspace positioning can be improved to serve your employees better. Create a design layout with existing elements you plan to keep, mark any outlets, and play around with different furniture configurations to optimize space. If you can balance the need for shared collaborative space with private areas for individual focus, you can significantly improve the effectiveness and productivity of your team.

2. Create A Budget That Balances Function & Comfort

Office furniture can be a serious investment, so creating a budget can help you avoid overspending. Consider how often your employees will spend time sitting at their desks, accessing files, attending meetings, or engaging with customers and how much wear and tear the office will see. Create a budget that balances the need for the furniture to withstand everyday tasks and increase employee satisfaction with what you can afford.

If you’re on a tight budget, buy used office furniture to save money and help the environment. It’s important to buy used office furniture from a reputable supplier like Southwest Modular to ensure that the furniture is in good condition and worth the money.

3. Your Office Style Reflects Your Company’s Identity

Having a consistent look to your office presents a professional image of your company and its culture. Choose office furniture that reflects your company’s style with similar desks, storage cabinets, chairs, and other prominent elements for a cohesive and attractive design. Steel and glass pieces are more modern and industrial, while wood furniture reflects a traditional feel. Use a combination of these materials for a transitional environment.

4. The Right Desk Can Make A Big Difference

The size and shape of your employees’ office desks can make a big difference in their comfort and ability to serve clients effectively.

It’s important to choose desks that are easy to use and fit well with the layout of your office. You can choose from many desk types to provide everyone in the company with a comfortable base of operations.

  • Freestanding Desks
  • Height Adjustable & Standing Desks
  • Computer Desks
  • Executive Units
  • U-Shaped Desks
  • L-Shaped Desks
  • Reception Desks

5. Support Your Staff With An Adjustable Office Chair

When deciding what office chairs to purchase, you’ll want to consider a few factors, such as size, durability, and whether the user commonly sits for extended periods. Having ergonomic, adjustable, and moveable seating for staff that sits for long hours each day is key to preventing back pain and stress injuries. Comfortable padded chairs that can accommodate a variety of users, have lumbar support and armrests, and have a generous weight limit will significantly increase employee satisfaction and comfort.

6. Expand Your Storage To Grow With Your Company

While paperwork may not be one of your favorite aspects of running a business, it is a necessity. The paperwork can quickly pile up, from legal forms to receipts to customer records, so you need a place to keep it organized and safe. For large-scale storage, vertical or horizontal file cabinets will keep things secure, while mobile cabinets offer flexibility, and shelving can be added to take advantage of wall space in cramped areas. Allow for extra storage than what you currently need to make more space available to you as your company grows.

7. Reduce Distraction By Adding Cubicles

In an open office environment, noise and lack of privacy can be common distractions. Cubicles are a great way to give employees a “buffer zone” between them and their coworkers while balancing collaborative workspaces. Cubicles can be customized to provide various levels of privacy and soundproofing through the use of cubicle doors, privacy screens, and different wall heights. This can help keep employees focused on their work and not distracted by their surroundings.

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