5 Modern Approaches To Office Cubicle Design

Working in an office environment requires workers to concentrate on work without distractions such as loud noises or other unwanted activities. Creating a smaller, private workspace using a cubicle, partition, or panel office design gives workers the private environment they need to boost productivity. These five cubicle styles can also help to reduce noise traveling between spaces.

  • Solid Partition Screens & Cubicles
  • Sliding Screens
  • Glass Cubicles
  • Panel Designs
  • Office Furniture Partitions

Solid Partition Screens & Cubicles For Sound Control

Solid full wall panels or cubicle systems allow different office design setups. You can create individual spaces, dual cubicles, or have more people in one work area. They provide optimal sound barriers for private conversations with clients and employees to play low music without disturbing others. Employees can also have shelves for the cubicle design for increased functionality.

Sliding Screens For Movability

Freestanding sliding screens allow you to place them anywhere in the office. You can create separate workstations for employees, then move the screen and combine areas for events, meetings, and other activities requiring more space. You can easily reposition the partition due to a base foot support.

Glass Cubicles For Visibility

Frameless glass walls can create cubicles that offer maximum visibility. It allows managers to keep an eye on employees to ensure they are working without having to enter their spaces. In addition, the glass allows for maximum natural and artificial light to enter the space. You can brighten dark office spaces.

Panel Designs For Dual Spaces

When you have large desks with four or more workers, a panel system can create the feeling of smaller cubicles while still allowing workers to speak with each other. The panels sit on the desks and are shorter in height to only block the view when seated. If a worker has to ask someone a question, they can stand and look over the screen to speak with another employee.

Used Office Furniture For Creative Spaces

If you aren’t keen about placing up physical walls or partitions to create cubicles, you can place used furniture to divide up the workspace. A strategically placed sofa, l-shaped desk, or cabinet can make a barrier between spaces. You maintain an open floor plan without spending your budget on many wall panels.

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