Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Office Furniture

While investing in new or gently used office furniture can be exciting, our staff at Southwest Modular in Las Vegas, NV have seen a few eager owners and managers make some common mistakes during the process. Whether you’re opening a new office, expanding, or ready for a makeover, here are some errors that are best avoided when selecting furnishings such as tables, desks, chairs, cubicles, and panel systems.

  1. Looks Over Comfort
  2. Colors That Don’t Match
  3. Not Looking At Ergonomics
  4. Not Having A Plan
  5. Choosing Price Over Quality

1) Choosing Looks Over Comfort

Just because a piece of office furniture looks stylish, doesn’t mean it is going to be comfortable for clients, staff, and visitors. Sure, aesthetics are important, but it’s more essential to consider how office furnishings like chairs will feel for those seated in them for hours at a time. If possible, try out pieces in person before buying.

2) Mismatched Colors

While color may be listed as being gray, black, beige, etc., different manufacturers are likely to have shade variations. This is why buying office furniture and accessories from the same maker are best to avoid mismatched colors that can defray from a visually appealing office setting.

3) Not Keeping Office Ergonomics in Mind

Consider that every visitor or staff member will have different body sizes, which could make some new and used office furniture uncomfortable for some yet ideal for others. While investing in custom-sized chairs, tables, and desks for everyone on the team isn’t necessary, try to buy adjustable furniture or pieces of various sizes that allow staff and guests to choose what best works for their needs.

4) Buying Without a Solid Plan

Avoid making the mistake of impulsively buying. Rather, have a solid plan in place after determining what pieces are needed and which ones will work best for the long haul. Consider asking current employees for their opinions concerning what they like and don’t like about the design and furnishings currently in place, then buy accordingly.

5) Choosing Based on Price Instead Of Quality

Sometimes what might be appealing budget-wise, may not offer the quality and resilience of a more expensive product. Choosing saving money instead of quality could result in poor performance and routine replacement of key office furniture.

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