How To Manage Office Furniture During Downsizing

If your offices or storage areas are full of excess furniture, it may be time to downsize. You may think it will cost a lot of money to have it hauled away, but that’s not your only option. At Southwest Modular in Las Vegas, we buy used office furniture or provide storage services to clear the clutter. Here are some decluttering options to consider:

Smart Strategies For Managing Office Clutter During Downsizing

You may wonder, “What should I do with office furniture when I downsize?” First, assign someone to inventory all the items you want out of the office. Having this information in a spreadsheet will simplify the accounting and tracking of excess furniture. Then, strategize on the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove it.

  • Sell Resalable Furniture
  • Sell Furniture To Employees
  • Donate Furniture To Charity
  • Take It To A Waste Management Facility

Sell Used Office Furniture To Employees & Others

It’s a good idea to give employees first dibs when selling used office furniture. It saves you the time, expense, and trouble of other storage or disposal options. Next, work with recyclers, charities, and resellers to make the best decisions for your revenue stream and decluttering efforts.

Can I Have All My Furniture Removed For A Lump Sum?

Try negotiating a lump sum for all your unwanted items. This allows you to get rid of all of it at one time so you can move forward with your office reorganization. Southwest Modular often buys used items in bulk to meet the needs of our customers. Selling in bulk can be beneficial:

  • Avoid negotiating with multiple buyers.
  • Save money on moving, transporting, and storing old furniture.
  • Simplify inventory and accounting tasks.
  • Expedite your downsizing project timeline.

Should I Consider Donating For A Tax Write-off?

Even items in disrepair may bring in additional revenue from buyers who love to breathe new life into neglected furniture. If you don’t want to deal with posting these items online, consider donating them to a charitable organization. Your company can build goodwill in the community and help someone in need for a double win. When you donate furniture, you can also write it off on your taxes.

Choose Our Office Furniture Removal Service When Downsizing

Are you looking for a trusted vendor to handle your office furniture downsizing? Southwest Modular is an excellent alternative to paying to haul used office furniture to your local waste management facility. Contact us today to discuss your office furniture removal, storage, and resale needs.

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