The Hidden Costs Of DIY Moving: Why Professionals Matter

Moving is expensive—regardless of whether it’s down the street, across town, or across the country. You may weigh the cost of hiring professional movers versus DIY moving, but many hidden expenses are associated with handling a move.

Professional Office Movers Reduce Risk Of Damage

Moving your home is one thing, but handling your office is quite another. Office furniture is often heavier and bulkier than home furniture. If you are relocating an office, it can pose health risks and safety concerns. You can avoid moving costs and enjoy the benefits of hiring a professional office moving company—especially one experienced with moving and setting up office furniture.

Stay Away From Unexpected & Hidden Relocation Expenses

DIY moving has hidden expenses, but using a cheap company is just as bad. While a good mover won’t damage your possessions like a discount mover, it’s still good to have moving insurance. Trusted professional movers also have the appropriate moving equipment to minimize damages. Hidden expenses of going the DIY route include:

  • Furniture Moving Damage: Your furniture and belongings could sustain damage due to inexperience in packing boxes and loading the truck.
  • Truck Rental Insurance: While not required, renting a truck demands it, or you could be out thousands of dollars if the truck breaks or you get into an accident.
  • Fuel Costs: When fuel prices are volatile, they could unexpectedly increase, especially if you relocate across the country. As it is, fuel prices can drastically differ from state to state and even city to city in the same state.
  • Choosing The Wrong Size Truck: If you choose a truck that is too small, you’ll have to scramble to find another and either take a chance on losing your deposit, make two trips, or find another way to move the rest of your goods. If you choose a truck that is too big, you’ll waste money on both the truck and fuel.
  • Packing Supplies: If you planned on packing yourself and didn’t save enough boxes or ran out of tape, you’ll have to purchase packing supplies at the last minute, which is another unexpected cost.
  • Paying for Separate Movers For Valuables: If you have valuable artwork or decorative pieces and don’t want to chance to handle them yourself, or you’ll have to pay a fee just to get them moved.
  • Wasted Time On Clutter: You’ll need to miss more time from work if you plan to do it without professionals. When you hire professional movers, most charge by weight, so you get rid of items you no longer need or want to save money instead of wrestling with piles of potentially unwanted clutter all day.

Avoid Pesky, Additional Moving Costs By Hiring Our Pros

You can avoid unexpected costs by using professional office movers, especially if you need to move an entire office. Contact Southwest Modular for all your relocation needs—we can help you avoid the hassle, stress, and unnecessary extra expenses.

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